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Cindi and Paul Elias

Cindi and Paul Elias

A Trusted Source Advises Cindi and Paul Elias on a Charitable Plan

Married for 30 years, Cindi and Paul Elias have built a wonderful life. After teaching in the Broward County school system for 25 years, Cindi retired young enough to enjoy it. Paul continues to work as a pharmacist and serves as president of the Broward County Pharmacy Association. They share a beautiful home in South Florida and have a married daughter living in Boston.

“We’re not very wealthy people, but we’re comfortable,” said Cindi, who truly believes it is her moral obligation to give something back to society. The Eliases set up a charitable remainder trust, designating the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) as one of the beneficiaries. Their attorney and friend, Paul Labiner, advised the couple that this type of financial planning vehicle would be beneficial for them.

“Not only is the money guaranteed to go to the charities of your choice, but there is a substantial tax advantage. It’s a win/win situation,” Cindi explained.

The benefits of charitable remainder trusts are:

  • Lifetime income, often greater than what the assets were previously yielding.
  • A sizeable charitable-tax deduction.
  • Avoidance of capital-gain tax if appreciated securities are used to fund the trust.
  • Expert asset management for your gift, freeing you of investment responsibilities.
  • The possibility of reduced probate costs and estate taxes.

“This will help me rest in peace knowing that I’ve left behind a legacy. I also hope to set an example for my daughter,” Cindi continued.

A champion of children’s causes, Cindi knew she wanted one of the beneficiaries of the trust to be Kids in Distress, which is dedicated to abused and neglected children. Upon the Eliases request, Paul suggested a second worthy cause for their gift.

“Paul has been such a wonderful attorney. We really respect him. His son has diabetes, and he is very dedicated to the DRI,” said Cindi. Though they have no direct connection to diabetes, the couple decided to support the Institute’s cure-focused work. They are now members of the DRI Heritage Society.

“The problem of diabetes is growing, and people are not aware of it. It’s really scary. It’s up to all of us to figure out what to do.”

Click here for more information on how a charitable remainder trust can provide you with income for life and ultimately help the millions of children and adults who will benefit from the cure-focused research of the Diabetes Research Institute.


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